Securing your shipments is simple!

Our packaging experts will work with you to recommend the right solution and supplies for your unique needs. We provide custom packaging solutions that focus on the four pillars of packaging:

Boxing Blocking & Bracing Sealing Labeling & Stretch Wrapping


We offer premium-quality corrugated boxes of all different shapes and sizes, including custom options for unique applications, that provide the durability and protection you need to safeguard your shipments.

Protective Materials

Avoid product damage by choosing from the best packaging materials to protect your products, whether in storage or in transit.

  • Edge protection
  • Bubble rolls and bags
  • Foam
  • Air pillows
  • Void fill

Carton Erecting and Case Sealing

We offer cost effective, heavy duty, and low maintenance automated solutions for every application and budget. These machines help keep you focused on increasing output and productivity while reducing labor and material usage.

  • Carton Erectors
    • Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)
    • Full-Overlap Slotted (FOL)
    • Half-Slotted Container (HSC)
  • Case Sealers
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Fully Automatic

Stretch Wrap Equipment

We offer a wide range of durable, rugged, and highly reliable stretch wrapping machines to help you protect your valuable product. We will help you determine the best machine for your application and budget. Depending on your product and pallet wrapping needs, we offer semi and fully automatic models in turntable, rotary tower, and orbital configurations.

Shrink Bundling and Film

From food and grocery applications to consumer goods and retail packaging, we offer a range of bundling and film options to meet every industry and containment requirement.

Stretch Film

We offer high quality hand and machine stretch films from leading manufacturers. Choose from a range of roll sizes, gauges, and strengths to optimize yields while securely wrapping any load.

  • Hand Film
    • All-purpose
    • High-performance cast
    • Pre-oriented, pre-stretched with folded edge technology to reduce handling damage
    • Thinner gauge, environmentally sensitive, but with superior strength
    • Banding film
    • Dispensers
  • Machine Film
    • Conventional
    • High-performance and ultra-high-performance cast
    • Offering optimal load retention
    • Stretch film equipment

Case Labeling and Case Coding

Whether you are searching for a coding or label printer, print-and-apply unit, or apply-only coding or label application machine, we offer a range of automated labeling and coding machines that will serve your business needs today and as your business grows in the future.

Poly Bags and Industrial Film

We offer bags and films with an extensive range of styles and sizes as well as custom-order options to fit your growing business needs.

  • Bags
    • Lay flat
    • Auto-bags
    • Gusseted
    • Wicketed
    • Resealable
    • FDA/USDA-approved
    • Antistatic
    • UVI protection
    • Fire retardant
    • Merchandise/retail
  • Films
    • Rolls
    • Sheeting
    • Tubing/sleeves

Tapes and Adhesives

We offer an extensive selection of tape and adhesive products for every application need, quality requirement, and budget consideration.

  • Hand Tape
    • Hot melt carton sealing
    • Acrylic carton sealing
    • Water-activated
    • Reinforced water-activated
    • Masking/painter’s
    • Filament
    • Flatback
    • Duct
    • Bag closing
    • Transfer
    • Double-sided
    • Dispensers
  • Machine Tape
    • Hot melt carton sealing
    • Acrylic carton sealing
    • Case sealing equipment

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